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Lady Mary Helen Mack Last

Born in Oregon, USA

Currently Living in Oxford, England

Mary Helen Mack was born in Oregon, USA in 1992. She attended Santa Clara University, and in 2014 received a BSc (Honours) in Biology with a minor in Chemistry as well as a BA (Honours) in Studio Arts. She attended University of the Arts London, Central Saint Martins for her MA Art and Science where she wrote her masters dissertation on the subject of "Physical Perfection, For a Price: The Motivations Behind Body Modification and the New Normal of Surgically Achieved 'Perfection.'"  The MA concluded in 2016. Following this, Mary Helen attended University College Cork in the Graduate Entry Medicine Program and completed one academic year before withdrawing in 2017. In 2023 She achieved an MSc Library and Information Science with Disinction. She is currently continuing her path as a lifelog learner.


She has traveled to 25 countries round the world and considers herself a life-long learner, both within and outside of traditional school systems. Her artistic works have been published in the Santa Clara Review Magazine and have shown in Santa Clara juried exhibitions 2012-2014. Her scientific work on the separation techniques for mixtures of amino acids is currently under peer review for publication in California.

Mary Helen is currently residing with her partner, bear, and cat in Oxford, England.  


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